• Rice & Soybean Grinder(stainless steel)
  • Rice & Soybean Grinder(stainless steel)

Belt-type Rice & Soybean Grinder

Model : 10"橫架、12"橫架

stainless steel

1. Fix the handle tightly.
2. Fill the bucket with water.
3. Close the partition board.
4. Pull beans (or rice) into bucket.
5. Turn the tap on and adjust water amount properly (not too less).
6. Turn on power switch.
7. When water flows out from outlet, pull out partition board to start grinding.
8.  After finish grinding, poke the handle and open the cover for cleaning.

1. Do not use extension cords.
2. Bucket shall not be short of water. 

Model Size(cm) Horse Power(hp) Weight(kg) Yield(kg/hr)beans/rice
2 58
3 78


1.Grindstone is hard and durable.
2.Thickness can be adjusted easily.
3.Complete specification.
4.Casters can be added,cost is not included here.
Purpose: (mixed with water, mixing)
Beans: soybean milk, tofu, tofu pudding, bean curd sheet, bean paste, mung bean (for making vermicelli), barbecue sauce, peanut paste
Rice: rice paste, rice cake, rice noodles
Vegetables: chili sauce, strawberry jam, juice, jam