• Smasher
  • Smasher


Size(cm) Weight(kg) Horse Power(hp)
43×35×77(1hp) 50(Not Including Iron Rack) 1

1. It is a machine specially for smashing adopted with the latest principles of mechanics (smashing), easy operation and excellent efficiency.
2. Mesh is specially processed with thin narrow space. Processed products inside machine can be discharged efficiently (attached with many kinds of meshes and easy to replace).
3. Main components were processed with special design, high speed rotation and temperature resistant.
4. Few dust during operation, easy to handle the processed products, low failure rate to raise working efficiency. 

※      stainless steel material can also be procured. 

Suitable for smashing corn, beans, sorghum, pepper, fertilizer, feed, shell, cereal, stone carbon, ore, chemical material, building material, organic matter, inorganic matter