• Liquid Extracting Machine
  • Liquid Extracting Machine

Liquid Extracting Machine

1. Before use, open the filter bag and lay into stainless steel dehydration inner tank.  
2. Put the material to be dehydrated.
3. Close the cover.
4. Start the switch for use.  

Cleaning method:

1. Open the cover.
2. Take the bag out for cleaning and soaking.
3. Turn on the switch.
4. Wash inner tank with clean water. 

Size(cm) Horse Power(hp) Roating Speed(rpm) Weight(kg)
44×45×87 1/2 1720/分 25 110
1. Simple and practical; dehydrate 6 kgs at a time.
2. Easy to clean inner and outer tank.
3. Use for large amount; a good business partner.
4. Attached with 6 kgs liquid extracting bag *2 inside the tank.

For small Food Processing Factories, it can be used to dehydrate soy bean, water, oil and vegetables.