• grass cutter(stainless steel)

Large Grass Cutter (Stainless steel)

1. Turn on the power.
2. Put the stuff to be cut into hopper for automatic feeding. 

Size(cm) Entrance(cm) Weight(kg) Horse Power(hp)
110×52×82 9×18 130
1. Exchange the positions of large and small gears to cut 2 kinds of lengths. 
2. Outlet cover can be adjusted the spray direction.
3. Minimized machine vibration, quick and easy for moving. 
4. Not easy to malfunction, easy to clean, easy to maintain. 
5. Lubricate the yellow position. 
1. Suitable for raising deer, sheep, cow, chicken, ostrich, tree branches, herbs, Mesona, pasture…
2. Most of root vegetables within 3cm can be cut.